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Welcome, everyone, to the new Prism Comics website!

We’re very excited to have a brand new, updated look and mobile device-ready site featuring tons of new features and content.  Just some of the new features coming this week include IMPROVED SEARCH FUNCTIONS and FORUMS, SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION, an EVENTS CALENDAR and so much more.  Every week, we promise to deliver new articles, features and commentary.  And that’s just the beginning of what’s to come!

But what about some of the other stuff that was on the old site? Fear not! In the coming weeks, you’ll see a brand new, revamped CREATOR PROFILES section of LGBTQAI Comics Creators and Industry Professionals with more up-to-date info than ever before (get a sneak peek HERE).  Comics Professionals will be able to create and easily maintain their own profiles.   If you’re a creator who had a profile on our old site, just login here and update your profile with new photos.  If you are a LGBTQAI creator or industry professional who did NOT have a previous profile with us, and would like one, please click HERE to register for your new Creator Profile.

In addition, we will be opening a brand new ONLINE STORE soon which will feature many of the greatest books and comics with LGBTQAI creators and themes (in the meantime, grab a Prism mug or tote and help support Prism’s Queer Press Grant). And there are even MORE exciting functions coming down the line.  They are still too early to talk about but they will be quite useful for creators and fans alike! Please make sure to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST to get the latest news about our site.

LGBTQIA comics have come a long way since Prism Comics was founded in 2003.  Where once LGBT characters were marginalized, they are now mainstream.  Where once LGBT creators only had a few options to present their comics, now there are many ways from mainstream press, print-on-demand indie comics, web comics and social networking.  Our community is larger than ever, and our voices are stronger than ever.  All of us at Prism are proud to have been part of that change.

Looking forward, we hope that you might JOIN IN THE PRISM COMICS COMMUNITY and ADD YOUR VOICE TO THE NEW SITE.   We’re looking for people to write articles, tell us about new projects, do graphics and illustrations, send in photos, report on events, conventions, readings and more! If you’d like to CONTRIBUTE CONTENT TO THE WEBSITE please contact us at webchair@prismcomics.org.

Many thanks to Anton Kawasaki, who was one the original founders of Prism Comics, for designing the new website.  We’re also honored to have Anton on board to maintain the new site. And thanks to Zan Christensen for helping in the website conversion process. Zan was also one of the key founders of Prism and helped create the original website along with Peter Di Maso.

Ted-AbenheimAnd thank you for visiting our new Prism Website.  We hope that you will make Prism a regular part of your LGBTQIA comics reading.

Ted Abenheim

President, Prism Comics ted@prismcomics.org



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