“The First Crisis”

by Dec 18, 2011Queer Eye on Comics0 comments

The first Crisis
The promos did say
Is so incredibly wonderful You will be blown away!

Say goodbye to Earth-2
Tell the Flash adios
And what’s left of poor Kara
Is burnt up and gross.

Oh Hell, Oh Hell
Oh Hell, Oh Hell
There’s a new universe
Where I knew one so well.

The second Crisis
Superboy-Prime punched away
To try and explain away errors
That made us say “What the hey?”

They killed off Superman
But not the one that we all know
It was the one from the 40’s
(That way it cost them no dough)

Oh Hell, Oh Hell
Oh Hell, Oh Hell
What happened in this mini?
I wish I could tell.

The final Crisis
Had the New Gods..I think
By this time fans were screaming
That this comic did stink

Batman died, but he did not
He just travelled in time
I can’t remember what else happened
So I’ll just use this rhyme.

Oh Hell, Oh Hell
Oh Hell, Oh Hell
I’ll just read my old comics
And what I don’t like, I’ll sell.

Merry Christmas on whatever Earth you live on!



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