San Diego Comic Con 2014 Panels Details!

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Some panelists are subject to change.


Thursday, 7/24/14, 5:00p.m. – 6:00p.m., Room: 28DE

In recent years, transgender creators have gained visibility in comics, movies, and television after long being consigned to the shadows. From coming out and transition to navigating gender politics in a world still struggling to understand, cartoonists, writers, and filmmakers are investing their work with unique personal experiences as their characters learn to live and love in new and unexpected ways. Join Prism Comics, moderator Tara Madison Avery (Dirtheads, Gooch, Prism Comics) and panelists Dylan Edwards (Transposes), Melanie Gillman (As the Crow Flies), J.D. Saxon (Mahou Shounen Fight!), Elizabeth Lain (F*** the Limits!: The 30-Day Art Project, This Is Where), Ashley Love (Trans Forming Media, journalist, transsexual advocate), and Comic-Con Special Guest famed comics historian Michelle Nolan (Love on the Racks: A History of American Romance Comics) for an exploration of a range of exciting new themes and stories for contemporary audiences.


Thursday, 7/24/14, 6:00p.m. – 7:00p.m., Room: 28DE

In the past few years, the geek world has been filled with many noteworthy moments of importance to the queer fan. Some were fabulous, some were unfortunate, some were misguided and some were “blink and you missed it”. LGBT activist and columnist P. Kristen Enos (Active Voice, Creatures of Grace) will lead a discussion with Diane Anderson-Minshall (The Advocate), Trish Bendix (, Matt Kane (GLAAD) and Sean Z. Maker (Bent-Con) on the events of LGBT interest in the past year, why they think they were so important and what they might mean for the future for LGBT fans.


Friday, 7/25/14, 2:00p.m. – 3:00p.m., Room: 28DE

Comics are a universal medium presenting us with an amazing range of stories and characters including more LGBT stories and characters than ever before. Since comics appeal to young and old alike, how do creators use the medium to present LGBT content and characters for younger audiences? What comics are out there for teens and younger readers? How can parents, librarians and educators introduce such books to young people? Join Prism Comics, moderator P. Kristen Enos (Active Voice, Creatures of Grace) and creators who produce comics for younger readers – Brian Andersen (So Super Duper), Charles “Zan” Christensen (Northwest Press, The Power Within), Dusty Jack (Scuttlebutt Ink, Mahou Shounen Fight!), Grace Ellis (Lumberjanes), Dan Parent (Kevin Keller), Robert Paul (Little Rainbow Comics) and Elizabeth Watasin (Charm School) – as they look at the world of LGBT and LGBT-friendly comics for younger readers.


Friday, 7/25/14, 7:00p.m. – 8:00p.m., Room: 28DE

Horror films, TV shows, books and comics are more popular than ever. Authors, filmmakers and comics creators are always looking for new twists to the medium including presenting LGBT subtext, plot elements and characters. But does a gay horror genre exist, and if so what makes it different from mainstream horror? Do queer horror creators bring a different sensibility to the medium? Has the current surge of LGBTQ acceptance and civil rights influenced the horror genre? Join Prism Comics and moderator/horror expert Sean Abley (Fangoria’s Gay of the Dead, Out in The Dark) and panelists Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination; Day of the Dead); JT Seaton (George: A Zombie Intervention, NOLA Horror Film Festival); Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs, Chillerama) and Michael Varrati (Tales of Poe, Sins of Dracula) as they explore these and other aspects of this popular medium from a queer perspective.


Saturday, 7/26/14, 5:30p.m. – 7:00p.m., Room: 6A


Saturday, 7/26/14, 7:00p.m. – 8:00p.m., Room: 6A

The world spins on and gets ever queerer. And while society has miles to go, every day we see changes – from marriage being a reality in state after state to the Great NFL Draft Kiss – that show that in our society at large, as well as in the world of comics, LGBT people and their relationships are more and more mainstream. What are the responsibilities of creators to their and their audience’s queerness as the radical becomes central? Join Prism Comics and Co-Moderators Roger Klorese (Prism Comics board member) and Shannon Watters (BOOM Studios) as they examine this and other questions with panelists Elisha Lim (100 Butches), Kate Leth (Kate or Die!), Graham Kolbeins (Massive), James Tynion IV (Batman Eternal, The Woods) and other guests to be announced.

The Gays In Comics Panel will conclude with the Annual Prism Comics Mixer and Silent Auction, hosted by and benefiting Prism Comics, the nonprofit organization that supports gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered comics, creators, and readers. Mingle with comics fans and creators and stay for the special drawing of comics swag and a silent auction of incredible comics items, including original art and more!