Heartwood: Non-Binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy (Signed Hardcover)

Editor: Joamette Gil
Stories by Z. Akhmetova, chlove, Raven “raveyrai” White, Xanthe Bouma, Mar Julie, ABV and Orion, Ver, Ril Abrego, Joamette Gil and Corey Ranson, Juliette GMM Lopez, SJ Miller, Cori Walters, Lee Lai, Polly Guo, Sunny Ochutmuk, Vivian Hu and Shaina Lu, Emily Madly and Maria Li, Ashanti Fortson, Rhiannon Rasmussen and Chan Chau, Sunmi, Ezra Rose and Jey Barnes

The first ever non-binary comics anthology, featuring 22 young adult stories made entirely by cartoonists who identify as a non-binary gender, available here in gilded hardcover form. Autographed by editor Joamette Gil. Limited quantities available. Tax and shipping extra.

Publisher: Power & Magic Press
Hardcover: 282 pages


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