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Prism LBCE 2016What: Prism Comics Is Exhibiting at Long Beach Comic Expo – Booth 1003

When:  Saturday, February 20, 10 am* – 7 pm  (*9 am for Advanced Ticket Holders)

            Sunday, February 21, 2016, 10 am* – 5 pm  (*9 am for Advanced Ticket Holders)

Where: Long Beach Convention Center  300 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802

Contact: Ted Abenheim, President, Prism Comics –

PRISM COMICS is excited to be exhibiting at LONG BEACH COMIC EXPO on Saturday, February 20 and Sunday, February 21.  Look for Prism close in Booth 1003 close to the front of the hall.  Long Beach Comic Expo takes place at Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Prism will carry a wide variety of comics and graphic novels and host appearances by comics creators including Tara Madison Avery, Stephen Garcia, Jase Peeples, David Quantic, Samantha Sonya Saturday, Steven Tyler O’Connor, William O. Tyler and Josh Trujillo.  As of this release the schedule is as follows:

Saturday, February 20

11 am – 12 pm: Jase Peeples, Sonya Samantha Saturday

12 – 1 pm: Jase Peeples, Sonya Samantha Saturday

1 – 2 pm: Steven Tylor O’Connor, Josh Trujillo

2 – 3 pm: David Quantic, Josh Trujillo

3 – 4 pm: David Quantic, Josh Trujillo

4 – 5 pm: Steven Garcia, William O. Tyler

5 – 6 pm: Steven Garcia

6 – 7 pm: William O. Tyler

Sunday, February 21

11 am – 12 pm: Jase Peeples

12 – 1 pm: Jase Peeples

1 – 2 pm: Steven Tyler O’Connor

2 – 3 pm: Steven Garcia, William O. Tyler

3 – 4 pm: Steven Garcia, William O. Tyler

LBCC 9-15 Prism Booth 2Please check by the Prism booth 1003 for updates.

On Saturday, February 20, Prism will also present a panel on how LGBTQ comics creators lives have influenced their comics:

LGBTQ Comics: Drawn From Life

Saturday, February 20 – 5 to 6 pm – Rumble Room, S4B

Whether creating comic stories of total fiction or autobiographic graphic novels, comics writers and artists draw on their backgrounds to create their works. This is especially true in LGBTQ comics.  Join Prism Comics and Moderator Tara Madison Avery (“Gooch”, “Anything That Loves”, Prism Comics Board Member) and a diverse group of LGBTQ creators as they explore the intersection of queer life and comics – how creators’ upbringings, family lives, religions, relationships and orientations influence and define their works. Panelists will include Gillian Cameron (“Calogrenant”), P. Kristen Enos (“Web of Lives”), William O. Tyler (“Ratboy”), Sonya Saturday (“Death’s Door”), Steve MacIsaac (“Shirtlifter”), and Josh Trujillo (“Love Machines”, “Death Saves”).

“We would Iike to thank Long Beach Comic Expo (and their Fall sister show Long Beach Comic Con) for their long-time support of diversity and the LGBTQ comics community.” said Prism Comic President, Ted Abenheim.  “We are pleased and honored to have been part of Long Beach Comic Con since the beginning many years ago.  The Long Beach Comic Con and Expo have grown into exciting shows, and we hope you’ll attend and visit Prism there.”

Tickets are required for the Con and the panel.  For more information please visit:

Long Beach Comics Expo –