Prism Comics At Comikaze

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PRISM COMICS is proud to be exhibiting at COMIKAZE EXPO at the Los Angeles Convention Center – BOOTH #912 from Friday, October 30th through Sunday, November 1st. Prism will be part of a festive “LGBTQIA Comics Island” along with Northwest Press in Booth #910.

As the leading non-profit organization supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and LGBTQIA-friendly comics, comics creators and fans, Prism will offer a wide selection of LBGTQIA comics and graphic novels. Prism will host appearances by a number of creators signing their works including Tara Madison Avery (“Gooch”, “Anything That Loves”); P. Kristen Enos (“Web of Lives”); Sina Grace (“Self-Obsessed”, “L’il Depressed Boy”); Jason Lesser (“Disintegral”); Robert Paul (“Little Rainbow Comics”); Peter Saenz (“Coven of Wolves”); Michael Varrati (“Tales of Poe”) and others.*

Prism at Comikaze

Prism will also host appearances by LGBTQIA and LGBTQIA-friendly cosplayers including Nana Bear, Alexa Heart, Justin Garrett, Cathy Kutz, Michelle Labelle, Spencer Neustadt, Chris Riley, Jimmy Sherfy and Lezz Trooper. Cosplay has become a hugely popular activity and a great opportunity for creative self-expression. And it’s not just for Halloween anymore.

In addition, Prism is presenting a panel exploring “LGBTQ COMICS TODAY – LIFE INTO ART” Sunday, November 1st at 1:00 pm, Room 518.

Panel description: Whether creating comic stories of total fiction or autobiographic graphic novels, comics writers and artists draw on their backgrounds to create their works. This is especially true in LGBTQIA comics. Join Prism Comics and Moderator Tara Madison Avery (“Gooch”, “Anything That Loves”, Prism Comics Board Member) and a diverse group of LGBTQ creators to explore the intersection of queer life and comics – how creators’ upbringings, family lives, religions, relationships and orientations influence and define their works. Panelists will include Gillian Cameron (“Calogrenant”), Dave Davenport (“Feral and the Ghostskater”), P. Kristen Enos (“Web of Lives”, Prism Comics Board Member), Steve MacIsaac (“Shirtlifter”), David Quantic (“Bakersfield: Earth”, “The Corporeals”) and Josh Trujillo (“Love Machines”, “Death Saves”).

Other panels of interest LGBTQIA interest at Comikaze include:

“LGBT Cosplayer Panel” – Saturday, Oct. 31, 10:30 am, Room 505

“Positivity in Cosplay” – Saturday, Oct. 31, 11:30 am, Room 513

“Coming Out Cosplay” – Saturday, Oct. 31 – 12:30 pm, Room 505

“Comics and Diversity” – Sunday, November 1, 11:00 am, Room 505

Prism Comics applauds Comikaze Expo for welcoming diversity with a number of LGBTQIA and LGBTQIA-friendly exhibitors, creators, panels and events. Prism is pleased to be part of this diversity and looks forward to a terrific Comikaze weekend.