Prism Comics is glad to be back at San Diego Comic-Con – Wednesday, July 20 through Sunday, July 24 at the San Diego Convention Center!  We’re at Booth 2144 in Hall C and will be hosting dozens of signings by terrific creators. The Prism Creator Signing Schedule is below. We’re presenting four diverse panels, and we’ve produced our annual Prism Comics LGBTQ+ Guide to Comic-Con – compiled and written by Andy Mangels; designed by Ted Abenheim; with many thanks to Luciano Vecchio for his artwork).

You can download a digital copy of the Prism LGBTQ Guide here:

We’re pleased to see that diversity and representation are everywhere at Comic-Con and looking forward to seeing all the fans, creators, cosplayers and Comic-Con staff that make up our Comic-Con family.


Webcomics: The Frontier of LGBTQ Comics
Thursday, July 21, 4-5 pm, Room 28DE 

Webcomics have created a whole new platform for LGBTQ comics creators to tell their stories without the costs of printing, publishing and store distribution. They can be a stepping stone to print comics, television and film, but the medium has grown extensively in its own right. Webcomics enable writers and artists to create works and characters that speak to specific, diverse LGBTQ communities like never before. Join Prism Comics, moderator, Tara Madison Avery (Gooch, We’re Still Here) and webcomics creators The Kao (Mondo Mango, Magical Boy), Viktor Kerney (StrangeLore, MEGASHEEN podcast), Sonya Saturday (The Greatest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in Your Life, A Ninja Dinosaur Christmas), Josh Trujillo (United States of Captain America, Hulkling and Wiccan), and Sophie Yanow (The Contradictions) as they discuss creating comics for the web, promoting webcomics and bringing webcomics to print and other media.

Transgender and Nonbinary Stories in Popular Media
Friday, July 22, 3-4 pm, Room 29AB

In recent years transgender and non-binary characters and creators have made great gains in representation in comics, television, and movies, but how well have trans+ personal experiences been translated to page and screen? How accurately does Hollywood and the comics mainstream represent the trans community? How do trans+ autobio, indie, and webcomics creators use the editorial freedom they have to present true-to-life stories? How can trans and non-binary people be better represented across popular media? Join moderator Tara Madison Avery (Stacked Deck Press, We’re Still Here), Maddie Jacobus (Bummer Corp: Sad Stories and Sexy SharksThe Out Side), Sonya Saturday (Yellow Is the Warmest ColorA Ninja Dinosaur Christmas), Lilah Sturges (LumberjanesGirl Haven), and Zhen (Immi GratitudeThe Out Side) for a lively discussion of these and other topics. 

Out In Comics Year 35: Do Say Gay!
Saturday, July 23, 6-8 pm, Room 29AB

The comic world’s longest-running panel is back for its 35th record breaking year. The Comic Book world has become a celebrated part of the Pop Culture world. LGBTQ comics and graphic novels for all ages are being produced and acclaimed in incredible numbers, and queer characters are finally starting to show up in genre movies and TV shows.  And yet, in our politicized and polarized world, LGBTQ comics and graphic novels and LGBTQ characters in popular media are still facing censure and opposition. This means that telling stories of queer characters of diverse backgrounds and identities is more important than ever before. Join Prism Comics, moderator Andy Mangels [he/him/his] (the Founder of the “Out In Comics” panel; bestselling author of Wonder Woman ‘77 Meets The Bionic WomanStar Trek and Star Wars books and comics) and special guest panelists as they discuss what being “Out In Comics” means now and in the future. Panelists include: Felicia D. Henderson [she/her/hers] (showrunner for First Kill, a queer and interracial vampire love story coming to Netflix, and Marvel’s The Punisher); The Kao [he/him/his] (an artist known for the semi-autobiographical Mondo Mango on Tapas, and Magical Boy, the Prism Award-winning manga webcomic and Scholastic graphic novel series about a trans youth); David Reddish [he/him/his] (media journalist for ScreenRant, Queerty and Playboy, award-winning author of the novel Sex Drugs & Superheroes and its sequel Conquest of the Planet of the Geeks); Lilah Sturges [she/her/hers] (writer of the books Lumberjanes: The Internal Compass and The Magicians: Alice’s Story, and the trans-friendly Girl Haven, writer and co-writer of DC’s Jack of Fables, Shadowpact, House of Mystery, Blue Beetle, and more); Malissa White [she/her/hers] (writer of webcomics Nightmare, Soundbox, and A Wailing Blade, pop culture reviewer, editor at Scout Comics).

Black and Queer In Popular Media
Sunday, July 24, 12-1 pm, Room 29AB

Black representation has gained integral attention within the geek culture. However, Black queer characters and stories continue to be limited or absent from the discussion. Join Prism Comics, moderator Viktor Kerney (StrangeLore, co-host of the MEGASHEEN podcast) and exciting panelists: Eric Cooper (Knight Seeker, CEO, Black Label Comic Con), Niq Hill (That Sh*t We Do Like and Black TARDIS podcasts), Ajuan Mance (1001 Black Men, Living While Black), Malissa White (Nightmare, Grimm Tales from the Grave), and Sean Z (Ramonah Rising) as they discuss a myriad of topics from portrayals of Black queer people across media platforms to Black queer contributions to the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comics genre.


9 am – 12:30 pm – Greg Sanchez (Rainbow Arc of Fire)

10 – 11 am – Viktor Kerney (StrangeLore)

11 am  – 12 pm – Tara Madison Avery (We’re Still Here)

12 – 1 pm – Greg Lockard (Liebestrasse)

12:30 – 3:30 pm – Josh Trujillo (Hulkling and Wiccan)

1 – 2 pm – David Booher (Killer Queens)

2 – 3 pm – ClexaCon

3 – 4:30 pm – Lilah Sturges (Girl Haven)

3:30 – 7 pm – Jake O’Kelly (The Smell of Good Decisions)

5 – 7 pm – Sophie Yanow (The Contradictions) and The Kao (Magical Boy)

9 am – 11:30 am – Vincent Roth (Surge of Power)

10 – 11 am – Greg Lockard

11 am  – 12 pm – Tara Madison Avery

11:30 am – 2 pm – Greg Sanchez

12 – 1 pm – Jack Foster (Gun)

1 -2 pm – Brandon T. Snider (Pride Parade Mad Libs)

2 – 3 pm – David Reddish (The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus)

2 – 4:30 pm – Josh Trujillo

3 – 4 pm –  Brendan Mallory (Egg Behavior)

4 – 5:30 pm – Lilah Sturges

4:30 – 7 pm – Jake O’Kelly                                      

6 – 7 pm – Sonya Saturday (A Ninja Dinosaur Christmas)

9 am – 11:30 am – Josh Trujillo

10 – 11 am – Brendan Mallory

11 am – 12 pm – Jack Foster

11:30 am – 2 pm – Jake O’Kelly

12 – 1 pm – David Booher

1 – 2 pm –  Brandon T. Snider 

1 – 2 pm – Portfolio Review – Andy Mangels (Wonder Woman ‘77 Meets The Bionic Woman, Star Trek and Star Wars books)

2 – 3 pm – Portfolio Review – Tara Madison Avery (Publisher, Stacked Deck Press)

2 – 4:30 pm – Greg Sanchez

3 – 4 pm – The Kao                                                                       

4 – 5 pm – Sophie Yanow

4:30 – 7 pm – Vincent Roth

5 – 6 pm – ClexaCon                                                   

6 – 7 pm – Ameen Beydoun (Habibti Pada Book 1)

9 – 11 am – Jake O’Kelly

11 am  – 12 pm – Ameen Beydoun                     

11 am – 1 pm – Greg Sanchez

12 – 1:15 pm – David Reddish

1 – 3 pm – Vincent Roth

1:15 -3 pm – Ajuan Mance (1001 Black Men)

3 – 4 pm – Viktor Kerney                                         

3 – 5 pm – Josh Trujillo

*posted as of July 15, subject to change. If you are at Comic-Con please check by the Prism Booth for updates