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By Hana/Connor Yankowitz (they/them)

We found two wonderful queer artistic Kickstarters you should check out this month:

Art by Nymria


BITTER X SWEET: A WLW Art Zine is an art zine featuring approximately 60 pages of colorful comics and illustrations by almost 30 artists. Its theme revolves around the beloved WLW (women loving women) relationship dynamic of an edgy, punk, or goth girl who is in love with a bright, spunky girl. The zine includes both fanart and original works, and is inclusive of trans and nonbinary identities.

Special guest artists include Bev Johnson, Elise (troubledmn), Amelia Allore (mimiadraws), Ira Prince Valls (baph0meat), and eunnieboo. The wrap-around cover art is by illustrator Fabsno, and the book also includes art from 4nju, Ariel Vittori, Astroeden, Chelsey Furedi, Dresdoodles, FairyArmour, Geo, Huda, ItsBabyPears, Jess Fleming, Malta, Marty Tina G., Pixel Pastry, Melissa Capriglione, Moddie, Mon, Nicole, Nikru, Nymria, PianoBelt, Pianta, Ren Strapp, and Tam Elle.

Art by Melissa Capriglione

The BITTER X SWEET Kickstarter campaign includes both 5.5×8.5” hard copies and digital PDFs of the zine, as well as other fun artist-created rewards such as digital wallpapers, art prints, stickers, an enamel pin, a double-sided acrylic charm, and commissions from participating artists. The campaign will run until April 27th at noon EDT, and has already soared through many stretch goals.

BITTER X SWEET Creators/Curators: 

Melissa (she/her) is a comic artist and illustrator and has run four Kickstarters, all of which were successful.  Find her @mcapriglioneart on Twitter and Instagram!

Nicole (she/they) is an illustrator and has been a Head Mod on two fandom-specific zines, which can be found @p5_arcanazine and @gueimeizine.

You can follow Nicole @nicole_alt_del on Twitter and @nicolealtdelete on Instagram!

Additional credits: Sara Todd is the Kickstarter’s graphic designer, logo designer, and book coordinator.



Classics… But Make It Gay – An Art Book

Nova and Mali – Twitter: @nova_mali

Spouses Nova (she/they) and Mali (they/them) are making art history more gay, trans, and POC inclusive than ever before with the help of dozens of artists from all over the world. 

What if we took art history…and made it gay?

You want to see the Birth of Venus but trans? We got you.

Leyendecker but lesbians? We’ve got that too!

With the help of artists from all over the world, Nova and Mali (@nova_mali on Twitter) are back and creating an art book filled with over 60 reimaginings of famous artworks, from a trans Birth of Venus to a lesbian The Swing.  The book is available in both hard copies and digital PDFs. 

Nova and Mali have a history of coordinating cool, inclusive gay art projects– their Lady Tarot Cards Kickstarter from 2020 culminated in the creation of nearly 800 decks of tarot cards, which they shipped all over the world. 

The “Classics… But Make it Gay” project has already gathered over 2,300 backers… and you could be the next one! The Kickstarter campaign offers both 8.5×11” hard copies and digital PDFs of the book, as well as other fun goodies like stickers and art prints. The campaign runs until May 5 at noon EDT, and has unlocked all of its stretch goals.

You can follow Nova and Mali on Twitter and Instagram at @nova_mali




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