Move Over Marcus Bachmann, Meet the Real “X-Gays”

by Sep 16, 2011News0 comments

No, nobody’s turning in their rainbow membership card. Far from it!

The brand spanking new, super fabulous, ultra gay comic book themed podcast, The X-Gays, just launched this week with its inaugural episode.

“The X-Gays” is a monthly podcast dedicated (mostly) to all things X-Men, hosted by two very, very gay men: Jason Brock and Brian Andersen. Each month, Jason & Brian plan to dive into Marvel’s X-Men family of comic books to offer gleeful reviews, oh-so-colorful opinions, a special spotlight on a beloved X-character, an award-worthy dramatic reading, and a special look at one non-X-title. They invite you to listen, laugh and delight in a very gay perspective on those uncanny X-mutants we all know and love.

In the first “X-cellent” podcast, which you can listen to and download at the X-Gays website, Jason and Brian cheerfully run through a gaggle of X-titles for the month of August 2011, declaring whether they “loved it”, “hated it”, or just plain old “liked it”. They also spotlight those wily spawns of Wolverine, X-23 and Daken, and perform their first ever dramatic reading from a classic tale in New Mutants #42 featuring spotlighted X-character of the month, Lila Cheney.

Enjoy, comic lovers!


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