Just announced – Kickstarter for Kevin Keller CELEBRATION! A 10th Anniversary Omnibus

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Time to Celebrate!!! Archie Comics creator, Dan Parent, has just announced a Kickstarter campaign for the Kevin Keller Celebration! Omnibus – a huge collection of over 700 pages featuring EVERY classic-style Kevin Keller story, plus other highlights and extras featuring Kevin.

Dan created Kevin Keller, the first gay character in Archie Comics history, in Veronica #202 ten years ago. Since then Kevin has become widely popular, breaking new ground for diversity in the Archie universe in comics and on the “Riverdale” TV series. As part of the 80th Anniversary of Archie Comics! this Omnibus features Kevin’s first appearance in Veronica’s series, plus his 4 issue mini-series, his 15 issue series, the special “Life with Kevin” graphic novel and SO much more!

Dan’s Kickstarter offers a wonderful selection of extra goodies – signed copies, sketches, posters, buttons, stickers, bookmarks, T-shirt and more!  And if they pass 50K in funds, everyone who orders on the Kickstarter will get a deluxe hardcover at no extra cost!  Plan ahead for holiday gifts and take advantage of the special “buy another copy at a discount for a friend” offer.  And congratulations, Dan and Archie, on 10 years of Kevin Keller. Kevin and his stories are fun, moving and so meaningful for LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance, not only in comics and television, but in all of our lives.

The Kickstarter ends October 13, 2022 at 12:30 pm PDT. So join the Celebration now and kick Dan’s Kickstarter over the goal post!


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