INTERVIEW: Camilla Zhang & Steenz on the Standard Comic Script (SCS)

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Shortly before the launch of the Standard Comic Script (SCS), Prism Comics Comm Officer Avery Kaplan got the opportunity to interview creators Camilla Zhang (writer; artist; and Z2 Comics Senior Editor) and Steenz (cartoonist, Archival Quality and Heart of the City; editor; and professor), about the benefits and development of the SCS.

The Standard Comic Script (SCS)

The SCS is a template that is designed as a basis for clear and standardized formatting and creative team communication. In addition, it’s easy to customize in order to better suit the needs of your creative team. Camilla and Steenz reached out to comics creators including David F. Walker, Whitney Leopard, Ngozi Ukazu, and many others in order to draw from the perspectives of many different experienced creators.

You can watch the video interview right now on the Prism Comics YouTube channel, or right here through the following embedded link:

Avery Kaplan Interviews Steenz and Camilla Zhang About Their Standard Comic Script

Prism Comics Communications Officer Avery Kaplan has a conversation with Camilla Zhang (writer; artist; and Z2 Comics Senior Editor) and Steenz (cartoonist, …

Available for your team now!

Anyone can access and utilize the SCS, either through Camilla’s website or through Steenz’s website. If you want to see the SCS in action, click through either link and download the template, which includes an example illustrated and with letters by Meghan Carter.

Be sure and let Prism Comics know if you get the chance to use the SCS, either here in the comment section or over on social media @PrismComics!


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