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Geo Kovich (right) and Ed McNair volunteering with Prism at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Fall is a busy time of year for Prism with a number of conventions across the county.  We couldn’t exhibit at conventions without the help of dedicated volunteers from around the country.  Men, women, gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, younger, older – our volunteers are the “face” of our organization.  They help greet attendees with smiles, sell books, put in lots of hours, do the heavy lifting of set up and break down.  They bring spirit, professionalism and community to our booth and in turn to every convention we attend.  And for that we are deeply appreciative.

We lost of one of most dedicated, long-standing volunteers, George “Geo” Kovich, in the last few months.  He passed way too early from what we understand were complications due to an auto accident.  Geo volunteered to help us for many years at San Diego Comic-Con.   Since he had a background in event work and fundraising, he made numerous contributions to our booth set ups and was a valuable part of our Prism booth management team.  He was always smiling or laughing, warm and open.  And people gravitated towards him.  He was one of our “rocks”.

I, and some of our Board Members, would like to remember Geo for the outstanding, warm, charismatic person he was.   We miss you a lot, Geo!

Ted Abenheim
President, Prism Comics

“Geo was one of the hardest working volunteers, staying late, eager to help, and always with a smile. He was a pretty private person, but his love for queer comics and Prism Comics showed through. It won’t be the same at San Diego Comic Con without him, but I’m glad I got to know such a sweet gentle guy.”

Jon Macy

Prism Board Member, Queer Press Grant Chairperson

“For the love of a friend,

In the recent months I was greatly saddened to learn of a great man’s passing. George “Geo” Kovich had such a big heart and he used it to serve others when they needed support.

I had first met Geo five years ago when I volunteered for Prism Comics for the first time. While I did not know anyone at the Prism Comics booth yet, he took me in like I was a long lost family member and, together, we learned the ins and outs of running a comic booth at San Diego Comic Con. We spent a lot of time together for my first convention and having him there to keep my stress level at bay was the best gift he could have given me.

Over the next few years, we volunteered again and again at the Prism booth. Every time Geo was around, I felt completely relaxed even though there was crowd noise and constant things that needed to be done for the booth. Geo had a way of lighting up the room with his big toothy smile and, on top of that, when there was down time, he was offering massages and words of encouragement to all of us in attendance at the booth. He had a way of being the kind of friend that you could tell anything to, and he would reassure you that you were loved by him and that you mattered greatly. I will miss his big bear hugs so much that it makes me tear up to know that I’ll never again receive one from him.

But, as I’m sure all of you are doing, we must remember him for what he was and use this memory as inspiration to love your neighbors and your friends despite our many quirks and differences. Geo offered his love and his friendship to everyone and never with any demands for return. I am only sorry that I didn’t make more of an effort to be greater friends outside of the conventions we attended.

We all get busy with our lives and the small stresses and obstacles that we must deal with daily. But today, for Geo, let us remember to emulate that most special part of why we all loved him. Let us strive to be more empathetic, listen to each other’s problems and offer a hug and a back rub to anyone who looks like they are not smiling enough. Geo did that for me and I watched him do it again and again for many others. I will miss him greatly but I will never forget him. One thing we can all do to be better people, is to try and be more like him: pure of heart and giving of ourselves to our fellow man. Thanks for that Geo. I love and I miss you, my friend.”

Missy Boyd

Prism Comics Board Member