First Report From NYCC 2011!

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Hey ho, your intrepid Prism flack’s first report from New York Comic-Con 2011. This one’ll be quick because I’m beat! Okay, here’s the convention center:

Here’s the dungeon from hell they shoved me in trying to get in (and I had a badge!). Ten switchbacks, almost an hour in there. I was tweeting for gay marines to come and rescue me!

Here was the Prism Panel from Friday night – XX: Women in Queer Comics! It was packed! And there was a great chemistry here, with JD Glass asking some great questions, getting the panelists to reveal things I’d never heard before (and I’ve been around):

Here’s Paige Braddock as the panel was breaking up. The other panelists were Joan Hilty, Kris Dresen, Jennifer Camper, Erica Friedman, Abby Denson and Rica Takashima.

Here’s JD after the panel signing a copy of her novel—I think it was Punk Like Me, but it could have been any number of her fantastic books.

Saturday at the Prism booth, making sketches for fans (for donations to Prism!) was the super-talented Sabin Calvert. Thanks! And check out his website here.

I know, I know, the photos from this point aren’t that great. My iPhone died and I decided to try my iPad, but ooh, not good.

And I’m always glad to see Dylan “NDR” Edwards, of Tranposes fame plus makes incredible merchandise which brings lot of people gay and non-gay stopping at the booth. His website is here.

It was really great to meet Kris Dresen who drove out all the way from Chicago. She brought her new book gone from Outlines Press.

Speaking Outlines Press, it is an imprint of which JD Glass is also involved, publishing her innovative prose and graphics work called CORE. Find out more here.

Jeff Krell, our longtime companion at many a convention, was here with his great Jayson series and his new translation of Ralf König’s Down to the Bone. Find out more here.

It was really great meeting and hanging out with Tony Breed, also from Chicago (I need to get out there!) with his Finn and Charlie books. See more at his website.

Catty-corner to us was the LGBT comics fan group Geeks Out! They were really great, attracting tons of queer boys and girls with their colorful booth and matching superhero outfits. And they put on an event at The Ritz tonight with costume contest benefitting Prism. We are truly thankful! We hope we can be catty-corner with you again. Check out their website here.

Finally, super-friendly Greg Pak who I last saw on Andy Mangels’ “Gays in Comics” panel in San Diego Comic-Con, was signing right across from us at the Hero Initiative. I said hi and got this snap.

Will be back at the convention tomorrow. We’re at booth #1058 so stop and say hi.


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