First Queer Superhero Crossover!

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Dr. Wicked’s really done it this time with a plan so nefarious that it threatens to rip the world of queer comics apart! Dr.Wicked and the duplicitous Tink have built the ultimate weapon in the deadly trans-dimensional gun. With it they have the power to punch holes in the universe and summon the villains of other comics to the pages of “So Super Duper.” It’s up to Jason, of “Junkyard Angels” fame, and Psyche to set things right before Dr. Wicked destroys both universes!

The idea for this mighty queer hero crossover started when “Junkyard Angels” artist Zach Enea and writer/creator Brian Andersen discussed the possibility of Zach doodling up a pin-up for “So Super Duper.” The pin-up idea quickly grew to a crossover event after both creative teams realized that such a story, one that fit in to the continuities of both comic books, would be something far more exciting. “Junkyard Angels” writer PK Eiselt and Andersen got busy working on the story as Enea drew the impressive pages.

Initially the creators involved were having too much fun to realize that they were doing something new and potentially historic. It wasn’t until a queer comic fan at San Diego Comic Con mentioned that this crossover was a first of it’s kind that the trio realized that they might be making comic book history.

“It’s weird because it started out as just fun wacky hijinks between Brian, Zach, and I. But now it seems like there’s a sense of responsibility not to screw it up,” PK said about the project when asked.

“I’m just happy to be able to play with these awesome “Junkyard Angels” characters Eiselt and Enea created,” says Brian.

“It’s been such a pleasure working with these two creative guys on this project. This cross over between the darker world of ‘Junkyard’, and the super hyper and colorful world of ‘So Super Duper’ has been a lot of fun. I hope fans of both series find this as enjoyable to read as we had putting it together,” Zach added.

Now the story is complete and ready to make History! A digital sample of the story will be up at in two parts on November 5th and 19th. With a special Ash-can edition of the crossover available at Bent-Con this December!

For more on “So Super Duper” and Brian Andersen’s other GLBT line of comics visit: For more on “Junkyard Angels” visit


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