Check out Jesus Loves Lesbians Too, a New Webcomic!

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Check out Maria Burnham’s terrific new webcomic, Jesus Loves Lesbians Too. Here’s Maria’s introduction–in her own words:

“I am pleased to announce a writing project that needs some followers! In April of this year, I decided to broach a subject very near and dear to my own heart and life experiences. When attempting to tackle this very personal and emotional subject matter, I realized I was not ready to put it all down into a collection of memoirs just yet.

Instead, I decided to approach my memoirs from a different angle, and before I knew what I had even started, I had a comic book on my hands. A graphic novel. A webcomic. Whatever you want to call it. I found an illustrator, Maggie Siegel-Berele who was basically the best addition ever and one awesome gal.

So now, the unveiling.

Jesus Loves Lesbians Too!

Please, go to the site and check it out at!! The first four comics are up, and the next ones will be following about every two weeks.”


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