Brian Andersen Debuts Reignbow & Dee-Va #3 Debuts at APE in San Francisco This Weekend!

by Sep 26, 2011News0 comments

Brian Andersen will appear at next weekend’s Alternative Press Expo (APE), next weekend in San Francisco from October 1-2! He will have his own table, #604, where he will be selling all of his comics plus debuting the third issue of Reignbow & Dee-Va! (also now available at the Prism Comics store!).

Reignbow & Dee-Va #3 is full of action, a little naughtiness, and lots of gorgie art thanks to Celina Hernandez!” says Andersen. “You can read an eight page preview at”

Andersen will also be hosting a workshop at APE on Sunday, October 2nd, at 4:00pm, sponsored by San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum, entitled: “Writer Seeking Artist: Finding the Perfect Collaborator—with Brian Andersen”. You can find out more about APE and other workshops here.


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