The ubiquitous Dylan Edwards sent us this note about his upcoming appearance at Comic-Con:

“San Diego Comic Con approaches! What sorts of exciting things await? First off, you will be able to pick up a copy of No Straight Lines, the new queer comics anthology from Fantagraphics. It contains a couple of selections by yours truly, as well as a billionty other awesome cartoonists.

I’ll be hanging out at the Prism Comics booth (#2144, 2146, 2148) with the Northwest Press folks. I can’t remember if I mentioned this here or not, but Transposes is now going to be published by Northwest Press. I will let you know once I have a specific release date.

Speaking of Northwest Press, I’ll be one of their panelists for the Northwest Press panel on Thursday, July 12, 5-6pm, in Room 32AB. Come hang out and listen to me jabber. Cheers.”

And find out all about Dylan at his website,

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