Attend Bent-Con, the Queer Comics Extravaganza

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BURBANK, CA – This weekend, the queer comics convention, Bent-Con, will take place Friday, November 30th through Sunday, December 2nd. Featuring over 50 exhibitors devoted to queer comics and fandom, a full slate of panels, cosplay, gaming, and appearances by top comics professionals including Christopher Rice (A Density of Souls), Jane Espensen (Once Upon A Time, Buffy), Phil Jimenez (The Amazing Spider-Man), David Gerrold (Trouble With Tribbles, The Martian Child), Wendy Pini (Elf Quest), Tom Lenk (Buffy), Andrew Chambliss (Once Upon A Time), Patrick Fillion (Class Comics), Amber Benson (Buffy), Traci Lords (Cry-Baby), and many many more.

This is all taking place at the Burbank Airport Marriott, 2500 North Hollywood Way, where rooms are still available. Get your advance tickets and all the latest information at



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