Women of Wonder Day Returns for a 7th Year

Returning for a SEVENTH spectacular year! Images of the World's Most Iconic Heroines Will Help Benefit Domestic Violence Prevention-Intervention Agencies in Oregon and Texas! On October 21, 2012, Women of Wonder Day — a part of National Domestic Violence Awareness...

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Queer Geek Report from NY Comic-Con!

NEW YORK, NY – Konbon-wa from the Big Apple! Just got back from Day 3 of New York Comic-Con. This convention used to be an oasis of comics fun as compared to the craziness of San Diego Comic-Con, but no more. I don’t know if it’s as big, but it’s definitely has all...

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Sina Grace Appearing at New York Comic-Con!

Launching Not My Bag from Image Comics! NEW YORK, NY - Coming from Sina Grace in October is his new graphic novel, Not My Bag, from Image Comics! You can meet Sina at New York Comic-Con being held from October 11-14--find him in Artists Alley (#R3A). Check out Agent...

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At Long Last, “Jayson” Gets a Job!

Debuting at New York Comic-Con and APE in San Francisco! In Jeff Krell's latest graphic novel, Jayson Gets a Job!, everyone is having a career crisis. Desperate for work, Jayson pulls out the stops to land a job at his ex-lover Walter's firm – with unexpected results....

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Some Assembly Required

The Avengers #1 “The Coming of the Avengers!” Script: Stan Lee Pencils: Jack Kirby Inks: Dick Ayers Marvel Comics, 1963 FROM THE DIARY OF JANET VAN DYNESeptember 16, 1963 Dear Diary,Whew! What a day! I’m now a member of the world’s most exclusive team! Really, though,...

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My Favorite Apocalypse

The day has been a total pisser. Your boss has worked your last good nerve by deciding that the last project that you've done needs to be done the end of the day. Your spouse decided that you needed to do the dishes...that he has left soaking for the past...

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“Owing It”

Detective Comics #455 "Heart of a Vampire" Writer: Elliot S! Maggin Penciller: Mike Grell Inker: Mike Grell Editor: Julius Schwartz DC Comics, 1976 This summer, Sally Ride--the first American woman to penetrate the stratosphere and champion of All Things Left...

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Second Queer Nerd Blog: San Diego Comic-Con 2012!

My fourth day at Comic-Con and only my second blog. Apologies but I’ve been busy. For one, I got to meet John Barrowman! If you ask “Who?”, well, your dilithium tiara is revoked! He’s Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood who can also sing, dance, and charm the pants off...

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Yes No


Stacked Deck Press and Prism Comics have joined forces to bring you dozens of LGBTQAI comics artists in a brand new anthology book! Make sure to order your copy today!