Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #36 “How Jimmy Olsen First Met Superman!” Script: Otto Binder Pencils: Curt Swan Inks: Ray Burnley Cover art: Curt Swan and Stan Kaye Alterations: Ed Natcher DC Comics, Inc., 1959 So, what would it have been like if Orson Scott Card had...

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“A General Favorite”

Wizard of Oz L Frank Baum 1907 (Advance Warning: this article was written by a man. A gay man. One who has read all of L. Frank Baum's Oz books and enjoyed them while still understanding that they don't have the continuity of a postage stamp or the depth of a wading...

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Hearts and Powers

“The Weddings That Wrecked the Legion!” Adventure Comics 337 Script: Edmond Hamilton Pencils: John Forte Inks: Sheldon Moldoff Cover art: Curt Swan and George Klein National Periodical Publications, Inc., 1965 FROM THE DIARY OF CLARK KENT February 14, 1936 Back from...

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“Conversion Perversion”

Detective Comics #311 "Challenge of the Cat-Man" Writer: Bill Finger Penciller: Dick Dillin Inker: Jim Mooney Cover Artist: Sheldon Moldoff Editor: Jack Schiff DC Comics, 1963 California Senate Bill 1172 is a morsel of mandate passed by the Golden State's Legislature...

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New Year’s Steve

Sensation Comics #1 “Wonder Woman Arrives in Man’s World” Script: William Moulton Marston Art: H. G. Peter Cover art by H. G. Peter and Jon L. Blummer DC Comics, 1942 QUEER EYE ED: Hello and welcome one and all! This time out I’m bringing you up to the minute coverage...

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A Christmas Queer Eye

Classics Illustrated #50 “A Christmas Carol” Script by George D. Lipscomb adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens Art by Henry C. Kiefer Cover art by Doug Tropea-Wheatley Acclaim Books, 1997 The Setting: The bedroom of a Queer Comics Collector The Time: The wee...

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Attend Bent-Con, the Queer Comics Extravaganza

BURBANK, CA - This weekend, the queer comics convention, Bent-Con, will take place Friday, November 30th through Sunday, December 2nd. Featuring over 50 exhibitors devoted to queer comics and fandom, a full slate of panels, cosplay, gaming, and appearances by top...

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When Horror Intrudes – Part 2

One of the best parts of Halloween is being able to don masks and costumes and become somebody else for a while. As my childhood peers enjoyed dressing up as ghosts and witches or sports players, I always wanted to be the superhero. I have ever preferred the champion...

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When Horror Intrudes – Part 1

There isn’t a reader out there who doesn’t know what it feels like to be out of place. Whether it’s due to our being enthusiastic fans among the disinterested or due to being gay in a mostly-straight setting, it’s not uncommon to feel that we don’t fit in. Conversely,...

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Pride of Frankenstein

Classics Illustrated #26 Cover: Norman Saunders Script: Ruth A. Roche Pencils: Robert Hayward Webb Inks: Ann Brewster Gilberton Company, Inc., 1958 QUEER EYE ED: Happy Halloween, Queer Eyers! In honor of the occasion, I’ve lined up a very special guest for what I’m...

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